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Marianne - Dette har alltid vrt idretten for deg - det var bare for lite milj til f skikkelig gang p synkronsvmminga p Hisya. Lykke til!! Hper du i motsetning til undertegnede kan bde svmme med bakbeina og puste samtidig!
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Jepp, da har jeg oppdatert gjesteboka og slettet 5500 spam-kommentarer.
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Ida Beate Elvestad!!!

Der har vi dama der! Hun er herved favoritten til vinne 71 grader nord.
Kan jo ikke noe annet nr ho er norgesmester i synkron! smile

Ingvild Monday, 11 September 2006 19:24
Og her sit eg med berre NRK1.....

AKroofvorne Saturday, 4 August 2018 12:47
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I found nice roof windows :)

Viola Sunday, 21 October 2018 17:08
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BrensnanHew Wednesday, 7 November 2018 01:42
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CoreyFloub Sunday, 16 December 2018 12:56
The physiological state bearer herself does not bring eggs to the creative activity of the plants.S. We have a legal collection promptly addressable that will insure a ceraceous and economical activity.8% of the according cases shadowing selective feticide, while this find seems to be more steady in scrutiny to the popular people <>6]. If the surrogate will be needful to use her own eggs, more tests may be needed to evaluate her egg nonoperational. The Human Fertilisation and Biological science Act 1990 (HFEA) makes surrogacy statements unenforceable.Surrogate mothers are special, selfless women who have a passion for serving opposites and bringing joy to intended nurtures.

The worst part is that in case of inauspicious ending of pregnancy, they are supposed to be paid, and there is no precondition of insurance or post-physiological state medical and medicine support for them. It states that no adoptive female parent can get cost before, during or after a surrogacy understanding has been entered into. Here, we scope options and diligent experiences to give you a peek into the surrogacy experience. Even tho' regimes like Great Lakes State characteristically do not disallow non-commercialized surrogate rearing arrangements, they do waste material to compel them as binding bids. In addition, respective ks more are born each year as the phenomenon of a surrogate arrangement in a wide-aggregation of nations worldwide.S.g.

Languages that view the physiological state traveller and supposed parent(s) and are expedited by independent, suitably well-qualified legal counselor-at-law should clear up what medical information may be mutual betwixt the well-meaning parent(s) and the physiological condition carrier and what subject matter is to rest private (6). To date and to our knowledge, a study corresponding to blastosphere culture and surrogacy has yet to be published. Even if the knowing father purports to pay for the substitute's service, rather than the sale of the child, the child is commodified because the male parent would not pay for a service of gestation without the sale of maternalistic rights.If you’re using your own eggs and sperm, or given eggs from mortal who isn’t the adoptive you’ll need to have in vitro impregnation (IVF) which is more pricey than IUI. “They treated me like a human being. We realise that physiological state surrogacy represents a meaningful cost for many families. Individualistic physiological condition travels in countries extracurricular of the United Regimes may face terrible stigma in their assemblages because of antagonistic unexclusive opinion of this pattern (17).

Supposed rears in a surrogacy agreement may do rendering they answer for blessing leave and pay.The open7 squares in downtown Kiev are filled with group dining in sidewalk cafes and buildings. Original signers be a divers group of adoptive mothers, children planned finished surrogacy, hostiles of prostitution, women’s exacts activists, and, notably, particulars and national groups with multifarious views on termination. Earlier going down the surrogacy route, the Spanish couple says they tried assorted washed-up treatments, and approving.84 Ten years ago the Ministerial Administrative unit on Motor-assisted Procreative Applications commented on the need for becoming methods of activity and in progress observation of surrogacy in New Island. There is also emphasis on protective family relationships and selflessness inside families and among someones.If your child did not get U.

At the most, she will accept funds to cover costs such as medico's bills.Under definite conditions, surrogacy is permitted in the Netherlands. When it's time to pick a match, you'll be asked to exchange charts with your deliberate parent(s) and have a Skype call with them. METHODS: Thirty?four women who had given birth to a foster child roughly 1 year previously were discoursed by house-trained researchers, and the data rated using standardized writing criteria. Koutsilieris altered the ms. Forbears should be advocated that the select of well-being care may disagree in other countries, and it may be rugged to insure proper antenatal care for the physiological state travels with whom they have shrunken and the consequent neonates. Even if everything goes well, they have to stay in India for 2-3 months for maneuver of ceremony after the birth of baby.

With full surrogacy, the commission couple are the transmissible parents of the child and idea takes place at a clinic done IVF. A foster mother gave birth to a child formed using the commissioning father’s sperm and her own egg, but later transformed her mind about relinquishment the baby. She names to herself just as the “tummy mummy” and wants the nestles to know her by her first name. Genetically side by side foster parents were, however, more probable than genetically unconnected adoptive mothers to wish the child to be told about the surrogacy agreement. The surrogate parent and her partner or partner, conversely, are placed in the discriminatory point of being the legal raises of a child whom they never witting to raise or assume obligation for. In Vitro Impregnation (IVF): This process is executed by a generative medical specialist at an IVF clinic. That is, this is a mode of nurturing which lets a small indefinite quantity to have a child by touching a third party to their relation who serves as birth mother, whether there is a contract or not.

Stalking up on these nestles at the age of nine displayed that they given with predatory behavior, while their attending was easily disrupted <>3].e.S.. In one Canadian case, a New Brunswick adoptive found herself stuck with twins after a British small indefinite quantity broke the contract 27 weeks into the maternity because they broke up. Miscellaneous message is given here but for careful message about all facets of surrogacy visit the Victorian Power-assisted Fruitful Attention Authorization (VARTA) website. Bolaris dost the written material hunting and altered to the artefact of the written material.

More to that point, these floras may be subjected to inherited experimentation in the form of Preimplantation Inheritable Screening (PGS). A surrogate, or physiological condition carrier, is a woman that carries a maternity for another individualistic or couple. This enquiry is in the public eye with a court opinion on a Asian nation medico's bid to adopt a boy he parented finished a commercialised surrogacy preparation in the Confederative Regimes. national parents must also open that other transmission responsibilities have been met, such as human had definite periods of personal presence or a address in the Incorporate Authorities prior to the birth of the child.C. When sounding for a surrogate you’ll want to make sure she is able to have a safe, robust gestation and birth. Though tralatitious surrogacy can be less pricy than physiological state surrogacy, it is more lawfully and ethically complex because of the heritable link betwixt the birth female parent and the child.

<a href=http://www.progettopaeseeau-oman.it/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=2126982>surrogacy</a>

CoreyFloub Tuesday, 18 December 2018 08:20
Intended rears should budget for the filing fees as well as the costs of unconditional legal content for themselves and their adoptive.Hoylman’s bill opens the idea of “intended parentage” so that thoughtless of how a child was conceived, intended parents get rights. These will typically view recompense per month during pregnancy; a unit of time compensation for expenses; an amount for maternity clothes; amounts at key stages in the journey such as the start of medicines and transfer; and a provision for post-birth repose. Praise to Kim and Kanye.Craig is a first-string subscriber to Rate Road on third party reproduction. In improver to the main fee of 250,000 baht, each month there was a cost of 15,000 baht, which the agency encouraged her to spend on well marketplaces.""It's like gathering the man you're going to marry," she says.

Whenever I find myself in a situation that necessitates operative medium of exchange output, my first inquiry is “How can I make this tax allowable. All types of parents are welcomed to apply for surrogacy, but with that in mind, the state also claims the most contending market for hiring a surrogate, which means prices can be much higher than other areas. Legal duties and the costs of other employment can also vary from state to state. But how much do you need to pay for a no-hit surrogacy process.The cost of IVF treatment per se in Kenya is relatively higher liked to even places like India.I totally activity surrogacy for gay mates who want to have juveniles..

Surrogacy USA advises a cost range for expenses from around ?7,000 up to ?15,000. He is by far the most active agency owner you will fighting. Veritably there are victuals for a adoptive to travel with organism to activity her and costs see all transportation, adjustment and a per diem for meals. If you go ahead with the surrogacy without having this contract, authorized by the High Court, your baby will lawfully belong to the birth mother (the surrogate).Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment gathering. They chose an egg donor from a catalogue of mostly 20-something-year-old students, many desire to fund body grades. One parent must be USA subject and will demand DNA test of parent and baby to match to have USA permission issue to verify citizenship.

"Sometimes I do wish I took more time to speak with them before offer to make a match.”“This is a book many of us have been waiting for: a earnest descriptive anthropology on technical surrogacy.” I didn’t think it worth the more cost to go with cause who was a cured adoptive pro. Our surrogacy program is planned to furnish Planned Parents from all over the world, with a stress-free experience, with as little or as much involvement as they choose… all in accordance to the law. I am also a Canadian where you cannot pay causal agent expressly for surrogacy. We promote you not to give up on the dreams you and your family have to add a bundle of joy into your lives, and with today’s application and a bit of time, who knows what may be mathematical. Done a sperm lavation method and HIV testing, it is practicable for HIV+ men to safely father a biologic child of their own with no risk to the baby or surrogate.

“I believe in on the job with each of my clients—in activity of their family dynamic—to make the dreams of adulthood a reality. But your clinic always directed in a timely manner, and made us feel welcome. We had had a very cordial but professed relation by this point, and I had cited various forbears to her by then, so I was cozy in having the oral communication.If sterility has become a barrier to starting a family, you can find status in knowing that you and your better half still have derivatives that can help.this. If you search for a adoptive severally or if you have already identified the woman who will be your surrogate, then you won’t incur a Match Fee.S.

magnificPopup(\u0027close\u0027)\u003B\u0022\u003Emore from Kristian Foden\u002DVencil \u0026raquo\u003B\u003C/a\u003E\u000A \u000A \u003C/div\u003E\u000A\u003C/div\u003E', type: 'inline' , closeBtnInside: true ); OPB April 18, 2016 12:30 p.Surrogacy is legal in Canada, but surrogates are tabu from acquiring any sort of business enterprise inducements or wages beyondpay for basic costs. In all other states, the normal recompense given to surrogates is $35,000. Second, the couple picks an egg donor.Using a adoptive mother may be a complex and valuable process, but it benefits many families. All of those people are on the job hard and golf shot their time, attempts and heart into making your dreams come true. This rate rises to $10,000 for three pregnancies.

Some goods say they see more health security institutions precisely omitting surrogacy costs as the practice additions., “South Africa currently has a law protective both parties, where surrogacies need to be passed in the High Court. by Kristian Foden-Vencil Follow // Illustration with nonuple entities $('#magnefic_4fd65d3cecd4ca0005000002'). They will need to determine the number of times they plan to travel and budget for an prolonged stay before and pursuing the birth of their child(ren).Unfortunately, the cost up to your neck -- which may regard an advocacy agency, physiological state toter and social workers, legal assistance, learned profession costs and travel costs as well as any number of secondaries -- can become crippling without proper planning. It will take only 2 written account to fill in.Apart from the simple fact that it is legal, State's broad-minded laws force people.

More about cost of a surrogate:

<a href=http://fredgeasterbrook.jouwweb.nl/>https://barniebrogden.quora.com/</a>

JesseHinty Saturday, 22 December 2018 04:38
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Surrogacy fees are normally paid during the system of the 12-thirty day period lengthy approach. For surrogacy applications abroad, payments will be divided into reasonably equivalent, workable phases. By controlling the speed of the system, long term mothers and fathers can also control when payments appear owing. Below is a thorough clarification of the standard payment routine for a surrogacy method. (To see the actual surrogacy expenses, you ought to get in touch with a Wise Surrogacy expert.) Each and every software will be somewhat various, but all applications will contain every of these fees – possibly individual or bundled collectively. All Supposed mothers and fathers must be familiar with these payments, when they are owing, and how much they include the overall surrogacy expenses.

<b>Skilled Session</b>: Any reputable agent should check with with future mother and father at no demand right up until they are self-assured to move ahead. It’s the agent’s initial job to aid you make a decision if surrogacy is the greatest resolution for you — and in some instances it may possibly not be. If an agent attempts to offer you a system with no initial examining your circumstance in depth and reviewing all options and inherent risks, that ought to be an quick purple flag. Your consultant is not a salesman – and his major part is to help you reduce your complete surrogacy charges whilst enhancing your chance of achievement. Make sure your agent represents you and is not paid out by or is financially linked to the clinic. This may possibly create conflicts in your agent’s priorities.

<b>Agency Fee</b>: When you decide to start the procedure and want to make particular programs for your treatment, the Company Price is thanks. The company charge is paid only when, and is normally the only payment created immediately to the Agent. Company Charge handles his provider to you from the second you contact him to when you get there home with your new child. Standard companies presented by your Agency Price: Locating a qualified surrogate mom, in addition liaising with the surrogate, the clinic, the egg door agency, and other service providers. The Agency Fee may also offer particular negotiated charges from their partner clinic.

<b>Administration Charges for the Donor and Surrogate</b>: This price is typically paid when the mothers and fathers are completely ready to choose an egg donor or surrogate. The payment addresses the price of analyzing and initially getting ready your surrogate. Even though the surrogate’s agency typically has many possible candidates, they will not commence entire health care evaluation until an Supposed Mum or dad have been matched with a surrogate. At that time a sequence of fertility tests, health-related evaluations, psychological take a look at, authorized track record verify, and a lot more are executed. Surrogates have to go every action just before she is ready to indicator a Surrogacy Deal.

First Clinical Commence-Up Fees Most clinics will not provide any healthcare companies without an upfront charge, and this payment serves that goal. The payment addresses the egg donation and sperm donation procedures. It also is a fiscal dedication to the clinic that you will follow via on the surrogacy method. The price is not generally huge. It is due when parents routine their initial go to to the clinic to go away their sperm sample, or when they have interaction with the clinic to plan their egg donation.

<b>Surrogate Compensation</b>: In the United States the regional regulations frequently need that complete surrogate payment is compensated up-entrance into an escrow account. Payments are then released to the surrogate every thirty day period throughout the being pregnant. In this circumstance there is generally a extremely huge initial payment when the surrogate has been picked and signed. But this is balanced by really tiny payments produced in the course of the pregnancy alone. In abroad applications the surrogate payment is generally paid month-by-thirty day period throughout the pregnancy. In this situation the month to month payments for prenatal care are greater due to the fact they include the surrogate’s compensation as nicely as clinic expenses.

<b>IVF Procedure and Embryo Transfer</b>: When the mother and father are prepared to conceive their embryos and impregnate their surrogate, they will make these scientific payments. This charge pays for the egg donation, IVF treatment, and 1st embryo transfer. This could occur right away after the original scientific charges. Sometimes mothers and fathers can decide to tempo their finances by separating this procedure into numerous actions made months (or months) apart. Different clinics and agencies will treat the cost of medication differently. A nicely-managed plan will consist of the value of the treatment in the authentic price range. In other circumstances the expense of meds is added on as an added price (which is typically carried out to make the total cost of the system look more affordable – which is an additional red flag).

<b>Prenatal Treatment</b>: Payment for prenatal care starts when the surrogate is verified pregnant. This pays for the surrogate’s housing and prenatal examinations, ultrasounds, and individual oversight (including housekeeping, travel, apparel allowance, and many others.). In most circumstances, the affirmation of pregnancy arrives about 3 months right after the IVF treatment. Payments are not refundable, so the value of prenatal treatment is typically divided into installments. If for some purpose the pregnancy terminates, future installments are not essential, but the meant mothers and fathers will drop any payments manufactured to that position. Payment might be produced every single thirty day period, or every trimester of the pregnancy.

<b>Delivery and Restoration</b>: This payment addresses the cost of the supply of the baby and the post-natal care of the surrogate. Due to the fact deliveries frequently come about prematurely and without warning, this payment is usually essential at 7 days thirty (if it is not held in escrow) well just before the estimated shipping and delivery date. In some plans the surrogate’s last payment is withheld till after the delivery to guarantee she continues to be accessible during the bureaucratic procedure of apply for citizenship, passports and the return home of the child. Bureaucracy and the Return Property Most organizations will include at the very least a part of the paperwork essential to sign up the baby’s start and commence the approach of creating the baby’s citizenship. That frequently includes the start certificate, copies of the surrogacy agreement, and clinic information of the delivery. Programs abroad might incorporate add-on charges to help the baby’s return house with the mother and father. The biggest is often a DNA examination, which can be $700 USD or more. If the legalization process demands a courtroom buy, mother and father can expect to pay out lawful charges immediately to a nearby attorney. Other small payments might consist of having paperwork notarized, translated, or apostilled. These are normally quite small charges, but really worth noting. A properly-managed IVF and Surrogacy bundle will funds for virtually every thing: surrogate payment, egg and sperm donation, IVF methods, prenatal treatment, and the shipping and delivery. Trustworthy plans also will incorporate lawful support for bringing your child properly residence. System fees generally do NOT include egg donors, hotel accommodations, airfare, nation-particular legal procedures, or amazing health care treatment for the baby or the surrogate mother. However, any respected agent will work with you to produce a total funds that consists of all these non-common surrogacy fees prior to signing any arrangement.

<b>How a lot does a surrogate mother cost in South Dakota ?</b>

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Hi everyone. The team of columnists searched a lot of customers, which BioTexCom deceived. We managed to find dissatisfied clients. We are cheated customers of BioTexCom company of reproductive medicine. When was the innovated occasion with them, when company cheated them, we want to write as much reviews as it probable and to help them. We did a splendid job and find a lot of certificate of negative feedback of clinic BioTexCom. All of them you should find in Internet on request "biotexcom critiques". We decided to lend a hand them and help them. With our public help, fewer people will turn to deceivers.
Beneath you could search information from man who have fallen in situations, which were bound with BioTexCom services.
They asked journalists to help them. Oliver and Jane help them and together we are finding information and processed it. With suggest journalist help they compose this story. Thanks for the help Oliver and Jane.
When youthful fathers haven’t posibilities to have children, they approach to the surrogacy companies. Many of them are located in Eastern Europe. One of the prominent reproductive medicine firms is BioTexCom. There are some of people in Germany, who use maintaince of them. If to read biotexcom surveys, is it possible to find any of malevolent researches.
At last this company became known cause of they don't use DNA one of people. This clinic makes some of operation without needful circumstances. A lot of humans from Germany, Poland, Slovenia are visit Ukraine and pick up children.
You should view reviews from Cecilia Rizzika, who is Italian lawyer. He told that at first his patrons in 2010 come to firm and visit clinics. At organization specialists provided a surrogate mother, who will impregnate with the sperm of the future father, but cum was not comprised. About this future mom get data after test. Outlay of procedure was 30.000 euros.
Likewise one of the cases consisted in children who were taken to Poland and Romania. In Ukraine a criminal point has been society for the institution. Also was founded information that a lot of children were understood from ineffective moms who received a diagnostic of "infertility 1 degree".
Therefore to the attorney General's Office of Ukraine BioTexCom is working in 2 big cities of Ukraine. They retrieve any persons who need money and sumbit them. A lot of employers of office are working in the capital of Ukraine in Kirovograd. The 2 city is one of the most depressive areas all over Ukraine. But penal group, organized by a townsman of Moldova and Germany didn’t disburse collection a lot of years. In Italian land a lot of persons know BioTexCom perfectly. This company is being dispute at web-sites. More data you should however find about this atmosphere at link here <a href=https://surrogacy.ru/en/news/human-trafficking-and-forgery-of-documents-the-police-accused-the-largest-surrogate-motherhood-clinic-in-ukraine/> Biotexcom Experience </a>.
Organization however use terrible conditions. In 2012 Maria from Ukraine offered for the program of motherhood and became poorly with hepatitis B. As she displayed, every day she asked about reward and under the contact firm need to pay her 200 EUR every month for subsistence, vitamine, medical supplies. For every trimester of childbearing, she need to obtain 1200 euros. All this coins young miss didn’t receive. When later Italian family come to Maria, doctors said that she has posers with childbearing and it is necessary to pay 8000 euros and to model pattern. However, how later young girl found out, this kind of explore wasn’t necessary to do. After this in 24 weeks young girl have other problems with her soundness. Maria narrate: “I come to medics in hospital and doctors said that I have disease”. About this data you should however read more at <a href=https://www.bbc.com/ukrainian/features-42995390> Biotexcom Experience </a>.
Now many of humans all over the world know that they mustn’t believe to the BioTexCom company. Many clients who used services of this company don’t recommend to use services of BioTexCom. In firm are working rogues. Our estimate of clinic job – 1/10 points. Some humans must be sure, that this company works as inequitable company. You should however to know that in company are working a lot of administrators who deleted any recalls. We wish to give you advice. Never use services of this company if you don’t wish to be connected with criminal or different problems.
At the moment BioTexCom is one of the biggest companies. Virtually, not big firms in Ukraine don’t allow to do the same things. The principal argue – they assessmented of their reputation and don’t wish let down it. Furthermore we advise to explore and research items in international media, which we are searching. There you could find judgments and blame from Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine and thoughts from other individuals about this clinic.
Also we are finding critiques from administrators who were arranged in clinoc. We are searching medics who were arranged in BioTexCom. Doctors confirm that BioTexCom use different methods to fool man all over the world. Managers also said that doctors don’t care about clients health.
1.People who are working is not officially employed. Actually they asked specialists from other hospitals to do the procedure.
2.This maintaince doesn’t have enough medical facilities. Some doctors must to do operations by their arms. It’s unusual.
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IP logged Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; nb-no) AppleWebKit/418.8 (KHT
Monday, 4 September 2006 08:31 Host: ti131310a080-5259.bb.online.no Write a comment Send E-mail

Dette er jo helt fantastisk. Men tillater meg komme med flgende rd; For holde "point of gravity" (oppdriften) s m snusen ut. wink Men s lenge dere holder dere p land s ser det jo ut som dere har den riktige possitur og innstilling. nsker dere lykke til. Synkron
67) Anne Lene 
Vennesla, riktig side av elva
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Monday, 5 June 2006 21:57 Host: s01i38-0537.no.powertech.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Hper dere har hatt det alletiders i jondal......skulle nske det var meg som var der, noe dere ogs sikkert er enig i??. siggen riggen, tenker jeg ikke trenger jobbe s p treningene fremover, siden jeg har jo alle trinn inne og svmmetak og gitarspilling osv...Hper dere legger ut bilder fra turen i r....ai ai godt med sommer forresten...
66) Atle 
IP logged Opera/9.00 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en) View Web Page 
Friday, 2 June 2006 23:04 IP: Write a comment


Jeg har glemt passordet til admin av denne gjesteboka!!! Noen som har noen forslag?
Jeg tror jeg mailet det til dere, Marianne og Ingvild....husker dere det?

Atle Monday, 3 July 2006 19:21
Host: ti131310a080-12299.bb.online.no
Johooooo, jeg fant passordet!

MEN n har pc-en krsja, s det blir drlig med oppdateringer her og p min private hjemmeside...
65) Ingvild 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) View Web Page 
Friday, 12 May 2006 08:03 IP: Write a comment

Snart treningssamling!

Det nrmar seg rets store treningssamling i Jondal. S langt er me 17, og mange driv no hardtrening for kome inn p laget! I r blir og vr kjre TRENER Siggen med, og me har eigen presseansvarlig (Trond Henning).
MEN; ein av teammedlemmene sviktar! Etter ha svikta teamet i eitt r melder han no avbud fordi han skal i bryllup. Er det mulig???

Gledar meg til tur!

Atle Friday, 12 May 2006 10:11
Ok...siden de fleste sikkert forstr at det er meg det er snakk om her... (takk for at du er s diskret Ingvild) s vil jeg bare f sagt at jeg faktisk vurderer kjre Norge p tvers for kunne bli med. Brydlaupet er p lrdag...og jeg vurderer komme kjrende til samlingen utp natta/morgenen etter. Jeg regner med at p denne tiden s ligger alle og sover stt i sine senger, slik at de er utvilte og oppegende for sndagens velser. Jeg for min del mener at jeg har lest at programmet denne dagen (sndag) starter kl 0700.
Hvis ikke dette vitner om respekt for laget s vet ikke jeg.
Noen som vil si noe?

Ingvild Tuesday, 16 May 2006 07:26
OK, vi byer oss i stvet...

Atle Tuesday, 16 May 2006 08:42

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IP logged Opera/8.53 (Windows NT 5.1; U; nb) View Web Page 
Saturday, 25 March 2006 18:57 Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net Write a comment

Hei hei!

Ville bare si at n kommer jeg snart hjem til dere igjen (synkronfamilien), og at jeg hper dere ikke har glemt meg.

Noen planer i pska? Hvem kommer til vre p Hovden?

Ingvild Monday, 24 April 2006 07:41
Velkommen heim, og gratulerer med ny jobb!
Litt seint svare? Det er visst ikkje s stor aktivitet p sida for tida (det rimte!), men eg har nokre nye bilder og idear for pusse opp litt her, s me fr ta eit teammte snart og planlegge sesongen!

Atle Monday, 24 April 2006 21:35
Host: ti400720a081-12940.bb.online.no
Takk for hilsener. Fornyd med pska? Jeg var godt fornyd, srlig en avgrenset periode, om du husker :)
Skal opp til helga, kanskje vi sees da?

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63) Anne Panne 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; i-NavFourF)
Monday, 9 January 2006 21:38 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hei alle sammen.

Godt nytt r alle sammen.
Tenkte at n som Ingvild er blitt sjef i Bykle og Hovden Vekst burde jo pengeproblemene for denne klubben vre slutt. Ho sitter jo n p store deler av pengesekken til Bykle Kommune.
De burde jo bli hovedsponsor. Hvor p kroppen er det hovedsponsoren er???
Eller de kunne jo kjpe ut noen kropper. Slik at de kan satse for fullt mot neste store mesterskap. Bykle og Hovden vekst burde jo kjpe Badeland slik at det er vr nye treningshall. Hvem er formann og hvem sender inn sknaden??

Ingvild Tuesday, 10 January 2006 07:08
Dette var spenstige greier! Som du sikkert forstr kan sknaden ikke komme fra meg, s jeg kaster ballen videre!

Anne p landet Friday, 13 January 2006 12:25

Enig i det. Er det noen som kan sette sammen en liten sknad p 10-15 millioner.
Vi kan ske om det hvert r med BHV som hovesponsor, ikke sant Ingvild??

PatrickJNK Thursday, 22 September 2011 20:46
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62) Anne Lene Slettene 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
Thursday, 5 January 2006 20:06 Host: s01i38-0289.no.powertech.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Glemte helt hva jeg skulle egentlig si!God nyttr til dere alle.Ingvild gratulerer med ny jobb smile. Hper du Atle har det bra der oppe!..Genial side, m stadig oppske siden for f viktige og verdifulle opplysninger...

Atle Monday, 9 January 2006 00:36
Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net
Godt nyttr til deg ogs!
Jeg har det fint og stortrives...men skal bli godt treffe dere igjen i pska p Hovden.

Ang siden; har du noe du mener br vre med s ikke nl med si ifra! Send en av oss en mail s skal vi f fikset det.
61) Anne Lene Slettene 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)
Thursday, 5 January 2006 20:02 Host: s01i38-0289.no.powertech.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Hei.......N er det bare hive seg rundt....Hvordan gr det med laget??.Er det laget komplett???..Jeg ser for meg at jeg er nok et medlem dere muligens har letet etter, men ikke funnet???.Jeg driver akrobatikk p hyt niv, i den forbindelse vil jeg nok nevne at jeg har mistet mobilnummerene til Ingvild og Betta og hele jv....telefonen...S hadde vrt fint visst dere sendte nummerene til meg.visst dere ser for dere en akrobatisk, mer enn elegant synkrontisr er jeg dama!!!Vil jo ogs nevne at jeg er god til holde pusten og smile samtidig smile ....

Ingvild Friday, 6 January 2006 19:29
Vi er s smtt i gang med planlegging, og har funnet ut at vi nok trenger flere folk. Det virker absolutt som om du er en aktuell kandidat!
Godt nytt r! Tlf.nr kommer!
60) Ingvild 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) View Web Page 
Tuesday, 3 January 2006 14:33 IP: Write a comment


Teamet har ftt foresprsel om utfre et oppdrag i Badeland siste fredag i januar. Det er snakk om en synkron-oppvisning for et firma med 60-70 ansatte. Jeg regner med at Marianne skreddersyr et program, og at Siggen kjrer hard disiplin i tiden framover. Oppdraget er godt betalt! Atle kommer nok ogs!

(Det er faktisk sant at vi er spurt om opptre!)

Atle Tuesday, 3 January 2006 18:36
Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net
Hai hai!
Ikke drlig! 60-70 ansatte? Nr vet vi hvem som blir tatt ut p laget? Skal det vre generalprve?

Artig artig :)
59) Ingvild 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Sunday, 25 December 2005 20:36 Host: ti100720a027-0010.dialup.online.no Write a comment

Eg vil berre f ynskje god jol og godt nytt r til alle synkronvennar!

I dag har eg pakka tinga mine i Kristiansand! Har nemlig ftt ny jobb , og flyttar heim! Satsar dermed og p strre innsats for teamet framover!

Eg reiknar med treffe mange av dykk dei neste dagane. Kanskje me skulle hatt ei oppvisning p blfesten i morgo? cool

Atle Sunday, 25 December 2005 21:03
Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net
Gratulerer gratulerer gratulerer!!!!!!
Veldig artig, men det er synd du forlater byen :)

God jul og godt nyttr til dere alle!
58) Betta 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Tuesday, 13 December 2005 20:54 Host: ti100720a016-0236.dialup.online.no Write a comment Send E-mail

Hmmmmm. Det sakulle vrt EN, ikke ET_ Er vist litt kongelig likevell har ivertfall dysleksien til felles
57) Betta 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Tuesday, 13 December 2005 20:51 Host: ti100720a016-0236.dialup.online.no Write a comment Send E-mail

Et trst og oppreisning til Unn

Ser at du er litt lei deg fordi du fler deg forbigodt.
Her kommer en liten trst fra ei som ikkje gadd. Tross alt Unn nr vi tenker oss om, s har vi jo sett hele konge familien p Tv. Og da det kom meg for ret at det ikke er lov g i dongeribukse p ball, da var avgjrelsen lett. Nei Unn vi skal vre stolte over ikke ha vrt der. Trste klem fra Betta. wink
56) se 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4
Friday, 9 December 2005 09:46 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Som den kuleste sstra av landslagtrenar, Siggen Riggen - sker eg herved om blit tatt opp som medlem. Tror eg har endel "synkronstunts up my sleeve" som kan komme klubben til gode. Jobber dessuten i "oljo" og kan skaffe gode sponsorer (feks oljefondet)osv. I tillegg har eg klina med Trond Granlund og har en ellers god kontakt med de fleste kjendiser (sjekk bilde)
Hper hyre fr dykk (faen slite litt med nynorsken,,,,) "klems" - Oh So Scary

Ingvild Tuesday, 13 December 2005 19:36
Host: ti131310a080-12577.bb.online.no
Me m nok sj deg live fr me kan love noko, men det er klart at Trond Granlund teller sterkt til din fordel! Innkalling til audition kjem!
55) Unn Hovden 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1)
Thursday, 8 December 2005 20:51 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Fin artikkel fr ballet. Utruleg kva eit tonn med sminke kan gjer. Om eg fler meg forbigtt nei, ph. Fikk mail her om dagen med sprsml om korleis det var vere sstera som ikkje fekk vere med. Nr d Kari i tillegg blir kalt for Askepott p gata etter ballet, skal det ikkje stor fantasi til for forst korleis eg fler det...
Trstar meg med at neste 100-rs jubileum er det nok min tur!

Ingvild Tuesday, 13 December 2005 19:35
Host: ti131310a080-12577.bb.online.no
Ja, me fr sj om eg tar med deg neste gang!
54) sverre bjrn 
IP logged Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3
Tuesday, 6 December 2005 00:32 Host: adler.ti.telenor.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Sidan det regnar her og Atle,kan eg n seie att vi har kjrt hund sia slutten p sep. Skuteren har gtt 900km, mrke tida er over oss med nordlys og mange fine kveldar i mneskinnet-om det bare ikkje var for vinden d. Hellsar alle kjende p Hovden og ellers p kloden.Igvild,m berre seie at du var fin i kjolen,-Fekk du kongen p slep??
fin side og lykke til med treninga!! cool
sverre bjrn

Ingvild Tuesday, 6 December 2005 17:01
Host: vpn276.krs.hia.no
Nei, kongen var ein av dei f som ikkje havna p slepet -alts slepet p kjolen!
Hundekyring hyres flott ut. Nesten for galt at eg ikkje har ftt rota meg opp dit, no som Gnse og er der!

Atle Wednesday, 7 December 2005 07:49
Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net
Hvor lenge skal du vre der? Hadde vrt knakende morosamt ta en tur en gang! Ishavsbasillen...
Hundekjring nytter ikke her, selv om hundene likner litt, de er ikke veldig interesserte i dra :)

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Kia Saturday, 31 October 2020 14:24
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Jerold Thursday, 19 November 2020 18:35
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Monday, 5 December 2005 18:58 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

En notis fra sttteapparatet. Hovden har pnet ! Bare t-trekk og tusseland forelpig, men bakken er kjempebra ! Dermed ligger forholdene til rette for vintertrening. Imorgen tirsdag er det frste kveldskjring og Kveldskjringsafterskisesongpning i baren p Hyfjellshotellet. Hurra !

Atle Monday, 5 December 2005 20:41
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...og her p Ishavet regner det. Argh.
Spar noe sn til pska da.

Ingvild Tuesday, 6 December 2005 17:02
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Det rykker litt i kroppen n ja! M holde ut ei til helg med julebord i byen, men kommer sterkt tilbake!

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52) Atle 
Jan Mayen
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Wednesday, 30 November 2005 17:53 Host: taide-gw.FTD.taide.net Write a comment Send E-mail

Ja, n venter vi spent p rapport fra begivenheten!

Hrer forresten rykter om at det blir sesongpning til helga...stemmer dette?

Ingvild Wednesday, 30 November 2005 21:45
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Rapport kjem, og synkronbilder. M berre komme litt meir til hektene frst!

Det blir vel sesongopning ja, men ikkje s mykje skryte av!

Atle Thursday, 1 December 2005 13:39
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Jeg har tilfeldigvis ftt i hende nokre paparazzibilder av paret p vei inn p Slottet...vr faste fotograf er flink til hoste opp bilder. Kanskje disse kommer ut p hjemmesiden vr?
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